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How To Hide That Ugly Microwave In Your Kitchen

How To Hide That Ugly Microwave In Your Kitchen

Of all the kitchen appliances you have in your home, there’s probably one that is both most useful and at the same time the one you most wish you could hide. It's the microwave. You know how it is. When you need one, it’s indispensable and it can work wonders for warming-up meals, melting chocolate, defrosting frozen produce, and so on. But the rest of the time, it’s just that big metal box that’s just taking up surface space and acting like a magnet for paperwork and clutter. Hiding an ugly microwave could be just the way to bring a new lease of life to your kitchen. It’s possible with some imaginative thinking. 

First of all, if you really mean business, you could invest in a tailor-made microwave cabinet. This isn’t just any cupboard. It has a slot that’s customised for your own model of oven, and it ensures all the ventilation and access you need, whilst also making the most of the surrounding space. It might not be the cheapest option, but it's a definite contender if you’re determined to hide your microwave from view.

Other cupboards and covered shelves will do a similar job. You just have to ensure that you have the counter space to keep the oven useable and that the cupboard is deep and wide enough to house the full dimensions of the oven.

Some options allow you to mount a microwave into a false wall so that only the door can be seen from the outside, much like any fitted oven. If you can turn the oven 90 degrees, this could be positioned in a way that is not only less visible, but also makes good use of counter space when needed.

A hinged lift up door on the front of a microwave cabinet or shelf allows good access into and out of the oven. As an alternative, a sturdy door that hinges down to produce a useful shelf creates extra preparation area - and that's one of the essential things people often forget when they’re trying to hide the microwave. Space, not just for loading but for setting food down before and after. 

A slide-out shelf with the microwave fitted onto it might be too fiddly for families where the microwave is in constant use, but if it’s only an occasional thing, sliding the oven back into place can a very efficient way to hide it away. With similar drawbacks and advantages, mounting the microwave below countertop level is another option, as long as child safety and lower back issues aren’t going to rule it out for you.

Of course, if you have space, locating the microwave with other kitchen appliances in a pantry area or walk-in cupboard, could be just the thing. That way, you can have all the flexibility and space you need for a number of uses, and just close the doors on it all afterwards. Not everyone has that space, but if you do, it’s a good option.

So if you can hide your microwave out of sight and still keep it handy for the moments you need it, so much the better. But, if you can't just do your best to keep the microwave spotlessly clean and clutter-free. That's our advice.

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  • Adam King