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Electric Shave vs. Wet Shave: Which Is Best?

Electric Shave vs. Wet Shave: Which Is Best?

Let’s talk about electric shavers and wet shaves. They both have the same use, and the chances are most men will try both in their lives, but there are definite pros and cons, and everyone has their own opinion as to the better option.

If you had to pick wet shaves or electric shaves, which would you go for? Maybe it makes a difference if we’re asking you on your way to work one morning when the alarm went off late, vs getting the closest shave possible the night before a big occasion. Electric shaves are definitely faster, by quite a stretch, but is that all that counts? 

Not everyone is after a close shave. Facial hair is a prized asset for many, and some have been grooming their beard length for a while, and just need a way to keep it under control. If you’re dealing with carefully coiffured facial hair, electric razors can be really convenient, with settings that allow hair length to be set precisely. There are many reasons why you might want to go for an electric shaver.

But on the other hand, electric razors can be pricey. With a starting cost of around £60 for a decent one, the range can go up to a few hundred. Not everyone will consider that a bargain, even if you don’t have to pay for replacement blades like you do with a wet shave. If you buy a really cheap electric shaver, it probably won’t last you very long, and could even cause some hair tugging and blemishes. So it’s worth going for a decent make.

Both Phillips and Braun have tried and trusted electric shavers in their range - household names you can rely on for electric shavers. With one of these in the cupboard, you have the choice whether to go wet or electric and if you do have that last minute rush, you have the shaver that will do the job.

But for those who are purists, romantics and prefer traditional quality over speed and technology, there’s nothing quite like the wet shave. With a wet shave, you get softness, exfoliation, and the luxurious feeling of shaving like a Hollywood film star. There’s no contest. Incidentally, if you’re a fan of the designer stubble look, the secret is a decent wet shave the night before so that the hair that grows back is clean cut and sharp looking.

On the downsize of wet shaves, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can quickly get a rash, which is not a good look. Replacement blades are another consideration. You need to use sharp ones to get a decent shave, so its worth having a good supply available at home.

In conclusion, whatever you prefer, it’s probably worth having both options available - a decent electric shaver in the cupboard for everyday convenience and last-minute emergencies, and a razor with supplies of extra blades for special occasions and days when you just feel like switching things around in your shaving routine.

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  • Ben Moore