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What Are The Best Light Bulbs For Your Home?

What Are The Best Light Bulbs For Your Home?

Everyone needs light bulbs of course, but there are such a wide variety of styles and makes on the market it can feel really confusing when it comes to choosing exactly the right ones for your home. Aside from cost and design, there are environmental issues at stake, as well as questions over the different kinds of brightness you’ll need for different jobs and atmospheres in your house. To help you out, here’s a quick overview.

First of all, if you weren't clear on what's available, you’re probably going to be choosing between LED light bulbs, Halogen bulbs, Smart light bulbs and fluorescent CFL bulbs.

LED light bulbs are top of the league when it comes to energy efficiency because they are designed to last for so long that, depending on use, you might not need to change them for a decade or four! It's true, they come at a bit of a cost compared with the other styles but LED light bulbs to have other features too, like the ability to dim and to change colour. They could be a great choice.

CFL bulbs are still good for the environment in comparison to the old-fashioned bulbs, but if you’re looking for the option to dim, they’re not going to be the right choice for you. Halogen bulbs are another dimmable option to consider, or of course, you could go for a smart light bulb, which is linked to technology in the way that other Bluetooth-operated devices work these days.

If you’re looking for security lights, check out motion-activated products that respond to movement nearby. They can be a great way to safeguard the side access to your house or to make sure you can always find the key when you get to the shed. Make sure they’re safe to use outside and be cautious of using one next to a bedroom window as passing cats and wildlife could disturb your sleep all night!

You can actually get an LED light bulb that has the best of all worlds, working inside and out, dimming if required, and with a soft, warm light rather than a harsh brightness. Purchase these in bulk, and you’ll save some money, but LED light bulbs aren’t as inexpensive as some, and you might decide you’re better off opting for the cheaper bulbs that are suited to the requirements of each different place you need them.

Back to the smart light bulbs, remember that you’ll probably also need to factor in the cost of a hub, a bit like the hub you already use for your wifi. That will give you central access to set up the various bulbs in your house via the internet. Some versions even give you voice control, which saves you getting up from the sofa when you want a change in the lighting. But again, these come at a bit of a cost.

Are you a fan of retro accessories? Then how about the new filament bulbs that have a vintage feel and make a design statement without the need of a lampshade. It’s a minimalist look with great style, and your visitors will definitely stop and have a special look, so they’re great for adding character and charm. What’s more, they warm the atmosphere in the room and have a ton of great reviews online.

Look through our product pages to find the bulb you’re looking for. If you need extra help, we’re here ready and waiting.

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